Initiative & Low Element Series

Initiative & Low Element Series

This challenge course is one of ATI's most exciting designs for exploring team building principles with almost any population. Participants will be able to hone team building skills such as listening, leadership, planning and communication while embarking on an adventurous and challenging mission. Although simple looking in design, the action and leanings that occur represent some of the most dynamic group initiatives in the adventure education field.

The Team Development CourseTM (TDC) differs from traditional low challenge events, both in appearance and activities. With more than 40 activities available, facilitators can choose both the activity and the sequencing to best fit the dynamics of the group and the goals of the training experience.

For camps and school programs, the Team Development Course™ is an ideal choice since a growing number of youth have participated in traditional low element courses. Facilitators are almost guaranteed that all participants will have a “new” experience, from which to build the learning transfer.

For corporate work, the Team Development Course™ offers programming for groups of up to 72 persons. Few other low element designs offer such precise sequencing, curriculum delivery and group experience. Typically, large groups are divided into task groups, which circulate through the TDC events, and then return at the end of the program cycle to share their experiences with the larger group.

Whether your focus is youth, civic, or corporate, the Team Development Course is an ideal foundation for any adventure learning program.

Initiative & Low Element

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Ideal Candidates

  • 12 to 72 participants can participate at the same time
  • More than 40 activities can be performed 
  • Facilitators can choose to use Rescue Exercise activities which utilize a litter basket and rescue equipment; or, more traditional low-to-the-ground challenge initiatives 
  • Most ground activities require no safety equipment except for spotting 
  • Staff to participant ratio is usually 1:12


  • ​New challenge course programs wishing to start with a low course design 
  • Any existing challenge course program wishing to expand programming 
  • A great design to accompany an Alpine Tower or Diamond Course


  • Large, low to the ground events, ranging from 12” to 4’ above ground 
  • Overall footprint is 30’ by 200’ 
  • Course is arranged so that activities are sequential 
  • Course can be created to program for participants with disabilities 
  • Staff Training: 1 day training follows installation