Diamond Series

Diamond Series

The Diamond Series is a fabulous ropes course design that can be scaled to accommodate 8 to 40 participants. The design maximizes participant options. Treehouses can be incorporated as strategic planning stations and communication hubs to offer unique facilitation options. Swings and Ziplines are popular upgrades on these designs.


Site Guide

Ideal Candidates

​• 12 to 36 participants at the same time
• Up to 12 climbers can be in the course at the same time, depending on model
• Safety systems use either a Static (Lobster Claw) or Dynamic (Top-rope) belay system
• Offers limited accessibility for participants with disabilities
• Some staff are placed in treehouses during programming
• Staff to participant ratio is usually 1:7
• Programs typically last 1/2 to 1 day


​• Camps
• Colleges and Universities
• Retreat and Conference Centers
• Park and Rec Programs
• Schools
• Youth Programs
• YMCA’s
• Outdoor Adventure Programs
• Existing Challenge Course Programs


​• All Diamond Courses utilize a “Multi-Flow” design, helping
to eliminate participant bottlenecks common in traditional
linear courses
• Footprint varies depending on model
• The highest events are 40’ above the ground; mid-height events can be located underneath these
• Signature components are the awning covered treehouses
• Entry Events can include: Dangle Duos, Tango Zulu Ladder, Pole Climbs, Tube Net, Cargo Net, Missing Link, Team
Hoist, 4:1 Self Haul, Team Ladders
• High Events can include: Burma Road, Burma Bridge, Bottomless Burma, Team Beam, Catwalk, Island Hopping,
Pirate’s Crossing, Heebie-Jeebie, Hourglass, Two-line Bridge, Buddy Bars, Multivine Traverse, Postman’s Walk,
Horizontal Ladder, Bosun’s Chair, Broken Beam, Deep Buckets
• High Events can be individual or partner oriented
• Several different Exit Event options are available. Examples: Ziplines, Lower Outs, Net Leap
• A practice area is installed for participants to learn safety techniques, before venturing into the course
• Staff Training: 3 days/2 trainers follows installation