Alpine Tower Series

Alpine Tower Series

The Alpine Tower creates the ideal setting for fostering teambuilding, improving communication, and developing self-esteem. Visually dramatic, our most popular design series provides Universal Access for persons of all abilities. Both designs offer high and low challenge course elements accommodating 8 to 36 participants. Each design offers a tremendous variety of challenges and group initiatives, which prompts groups to return again and again for more teambuilding experiences.

This series was created with the following design goals in mind: to engage up to 36 participants simultaneously; to minimize maintenance and maximize longevity; to offer a highly aesthetic and appealing design; to offer universal programming; and to create a course that fosters a safe experience.

Alpine Tower I – ATI’s original design, the Alpine Tower is a 50’ tall, self-supporting structure that provides unique challenges and team-oriented experiences for groups of 8 to 36. This design contains both high and low challenge course element

Alpine Tower

Site Guide

Ideal Candidates

  • 8 to 36 participants at the same time
  • Low events are completed in the base of the Tower 
  • 1 to 6 climbers can climb at the same time
  • Top-rope (dynamic) belay system
  • Staff to participant ratio is usually 1:6
  • Programs can range from 1 hour to multiple days 
  • Typical programming time is 3 hours​


  • Youth at risk programs 
  • Small area sites
  • Urban locations 
  • Existing challenge courses​


  • 50’ tall, base of structure is 30’ x 30’, weighs over 18,000 lbs 
  • The Tower is freestanding, engineered for winds in excess of 100 mph as well as the heaviest snowfalls
  • Ascent routes include a variety of initiatives - The Beanstalk, The Team Beam, The Corporate Ladder, The Missing Link, The Floating Poles, The Diabolical Seesaw, The Hanging Cargo Net, The Hangdown Ropes, The Karma Platform, and the Etriers
  • Low-to-the-ground group initiatives take place in the tower base – The Titanic, The Perimeter Traverse, The Tai Chi Traverse, Penny in the Haystack, The Amazon, Traffic Jam, The Jump, Trust Falls, Spiders Alive, Raising the Sphinx, and a Spiders Web
  • Several activities require the entire group for success, examples: The Tower Pull, Moonrocks
  • Staff Training: 3 days​