Alpine Towers  Partners

The Adventure Group

The Adventure Group is a collaboration of companies that have partnered to provide you with a full range of construction, equipment, management, and marketing services. Whether your needs include design and installation of a challenge course facility, selection and purchase of equipment, staff training, or marketing and business development, The Adventure Group is here to enable your success.

Cornerstone Designs

Cornerstone Designs specializes in traditional challenge courses, climbing walls, low element initiatives, tree courses & a variety of innovative designs. Built on the idea that long-term support is as important as challenge course construction and design innovation, CDI represents the new level of customer service demanded by adventure programs.

Adventure Hardware

Adventure Hardware is the equipment supply store for challenge and adventure programs and courses. Whether you need ropes, harnesses, carabiners, games, portable initiatives, books or training materials - we will provide everything your program needs to run smoothly and keep your program safe.