Alpine Towers  Philosophy


The Tower Experience provides three distinct program opportunities. Group problem solving initiatives can be accomplished in the Tower base which focus specifically on leadership objectives. The Tower can be used for individuals and presents the same challenges as rock climbing and high ropes course elements. This programming option addresses the same objectives as the group initiatives (due to the climber/belayer relationship) as well as encouraging people to simply try their best.

Finally, the Tower provides an intense partnering experience which dramatically highlights objectives of teamwork, cooperation, trust, communication, adventure, and probably most important of all - compassion. It is sometimes difficult to design educational activities that foster the values of compassion and respect. The pairings concept on the Alpine Tower is an extension of the popular successful event of rock climbing. Not only does it include the climber/belayer relationship, but the added variable of partners, physically connected and naturally needing to work together to ascend the Tower with all its obstacles. The true potential of the Alpine Tower experience is reached when partners from differing cultural backgrounds develop compassion, care, respect, and understanding of each other due to the fact that their safety depends on working together toward a common goal.

The actual Tower structure analysis was performed by Utility Technology Engineers-Consultants. Their in-depth report covers wood preservative treatment, lightning protection system, structural analysis, wind loads, guy cables, bolt connections, and weight loads. The findings indicate that the Alpine Tower design is incredibly strong and capable of withstanding extremely high wind loads (100 mph), as well as tremendous weight (twelve 400 lb. people climbing on the Tower). Since introducing the Alpine Tower concept over ten years ago, there are now a large number of organizations around the country conducting experiences on the Tower. From their reports and our inspections, the safety management and design of the Tower is working very well.