Course Manager  Training


Alpine Towers has been offering challenge course trainings for two decades now. Our trainers have had years of experience in the industry. Our curriculum has been developed and refined through our experience . Our training and certfication programs meet the highest industry standards and continue to stay up to date with new regulations and guidelines.

Program Training
Both Alpine Towers and Cornerstone Designs are offering on-site trainings for our current clients and at the request of any programs that need training in preparation for the coming summer season. We offer site-specific trainings on all our designs as well as advanced Technical Skills, Universal Facilitation, and Low Challenge Course Processing and Facilitation.
If your program is interested in any of these trainings, please call: 1.800.706.0064

Practitioner Certification
As a PVM with multiple certified trainers, ATI is ready to offer your program the ACCT practitioner certification that meets your needs. As insurance companies focus on the challenge course industry the need for trained AND certified staff grows. Do not be left scrambling for the required certifications.

ATI offers everything from Level I and II certification  trainings to ATI rescue trainings. At this time, however, we do not offer open enrollment trainings.

Please call us today to schedule your practitioner certification. Visit for more information on the specifics of the certifications.