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January 08
Stay tuned for more infomation



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High Ropes, Harness Best Practice Questions

The attachment points for your harnesses are based on a fall prevention system.  You have two independent ropes girth hitched to the harness belay point.  These ropes have a sliding hitch that connects to crab claws to connect to secured points while climbing at height on the rope's course.
My Questions:
1) What makes the sliding hitch a more viable option than single strand hard point tie ins? For example if the hitch was to loosen or the participants manually loosened the knots, would the participant slide far below the points of no return to pull themselves back on the elements and require a rescue?
2) Why use the girth hitch rather than two independent tie in points?
3) The hitches on harnesses.  If the harness knots become loose, what are the recommendations for retirement?

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